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Network Marketing Nobility

Grow a successful network marketing business and leave all the negative stigma behind.



"Since taking NMN + implementing its strategies, I have seen more engagement in my business than before. I feel more confident and have more gratitude. I see people as people and not potential monetary sources. I feel that these changes are allowing others to trust me and see me as credible."

-Shari D.

"NMN is by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. I feel so refreshed, encouraged and excited to move forward in my business now."

- Jennifer C.

"Before NMN, I was struggling to decide if network marketing was for me. But now, I know how to reach out to others and in a real and genuine way that is focused on serving verses selling. I feel equipped to lead my team on a more personal level and have recognized the areas I need to challenge myself and grow as a leader. Thank you! "

-Alisha A.

"It is SO refreshing to listen to business information that aligns with my values and beliefs. Michelle’s honesty and directness is amazing and the best part of the course. Her specific examples are so valuable and make it obvious that we are learning from someone who has been there, done that, and still doing it."

-Diana J.

NMN Teaches You:

Simple + sustainable business methods to replace the “quick and easy” mindset

Sales strategies that center around the customer, not the sale

Best practices to recruit a team of like-minded doers

Systems to motivate + develop a growing group of diverse individuals

You can trade normal for noble in 3 simple steps:

#1. Buy the Online Course

Network Marketing Nobility covers the three focus areas all committed network marketing professionals must take seriously: retail, recruiting and leadership. These 45 training videos give you everything you need to start and sustain a respectable network marketing business.

#2. Watch and Implement

Every training video is less than 20 minutes and quickly moves from motivation to instruction to implementation. Prepare to take notes AND make plans.

#3. Increase Your Impact and Income

You don’t have to choose between providing for your family and making a difference. NMN strategies will help you define success for yourself as you center your efforts on significance.

Meet Michelle, NMN Creator


Are you tired of being caught in the tension between the desire to grow your business and the refusal to stoop to the sleezy sales strategies of most network marketers?

Good news.

It is possible to have a successful network marketing business without any of the negative stigma… but it depends on YOU.

Respect isn’t determined by the profession, but by the professional.

Most will get lost in the white noise of settling to do their network marketing business the normal way. Choose to pursue nobility so you can leave a legacy as you build your business.


What's My Investment?



Research shows that for every $10 you spend in professional development, you average $100 in return. Implement NMN strategies so you can turn your hundreds of dollars invested into thousands of dollars earned.


Review NMN Course Material:

This course will teach you how to implement sales strategies that center around the customer, not the sale. The foundation for every solid network marketing business is a product that offers a real solution to a real problem at a fair price. As long as you have that, anyone can learn to sell in a way that truly serves customers and goes beyond the one-time sale. These strategies will help you create loyalty that goes two ways - you to the customer and the customer to you.


  • VIDEO 1 - 10 Things to Know About Your Network Marketing Company

  • VIDEO 2 - You Are Not Your Company

  • VIDEO 3 - No Matter What's: CHARACTER


  • VIDEO 5 - Curiosity Marketing: What It Is and What It Isn't

  • VIDEO 6 - Redefining Being Good at Sales

  • VIDEO 7 - Know Your Warm Market

  • VIDEO 8 - Cold Market Connections

  • VIDEO 9 - Lead Qualification

  • VIDEO 10 - The Four-Day Follow-Up

  • VIDEO 11 - Making the Most of "NO"

  • Video 12 - 5 Fast Tips to Build Customer Loyalty

  • Video 13 - Know Your Selling Systems

  • Video 14 - Best Practices to Follow for a Company-Wide Promotion

  • Video 15 - How to Handle Friends Who Want Handouts

How to Handle Competition and Switching MLMs

This course will teach you how to build a team of like-minded doers. But recruiting doesn’t end with signing people up (this is where most network marketers get it wrong!), but recruiting actually gets them started. And great news - this isn't about teaching you how to have fancy presentations, but how to grow through authentic conversations. If you’ve struggled recruiting new teammates or getting them started effectively, these lessons provide simple swaps you can make to grow your team.


  • VIDEO 1 - Isn't That A Pyramid Scheme?
  • VIDEO 2 - Recruiting Mistakes You Might Not Know You're Making
  • VIDEO 3 - The Bait You Use Matters
  • VIDEO 4 - Do Less Presentations; Have More Conversations
  • VIDEO 5 - How to Handle Objections
  • VIDEO 6 - I Just Started; How Do I Recruit?
  • VIDEO 7 - Customer Before Teammate
  • VIDEO 8 - Group Recruiting Opportunities
  • VIDEO 9 - First Steps for Getting New Teammates Started
  • VIDEO 10 - How to Personalize a Business Plan for Each New Recruit
  • VIDEO 11 - When A New Teammate Doesn't Have a Strong Support System
  • VIDEO 12 - Building Your Own Momentum with KPIs
  • VIDEO 13 - The Tough Stuff: Ethics + Morality
  • VIDEO 14 - Your Responsibility as Upline Support
  • VIDEO 15 - Keep It Simple

Network marketing is not a transactional business; it’s a relationship business. Your top priority must be people: both your customers and your team.If you want to make it in network marketing, you have to grow as a leader. As your organization grows, you will have to know how to motivate and develop an ever-increasing group of diverse individuals. You have to lead people well, especially when circumstances are tough. This course will help you prepare for those tough times and growth seasons well before they happen.


  • VIDEO 1 - WHY You Lead Matters
  • VIDEO 2 - Ditch the Masses Mentality
  • VIDEO 3 - DUPLICATION: What It's Not
  • VIDEO 4 - Steps for Effective Duplication
  • VIDEO 5 - Stop Scripts + Teach Templates
  • VIDEO 6 - Leading Through the First 30 Days
  • VIDEO 7 - Leading Through Team Training
  • VIDEO 8 - Effectively Utilizing Social Media Groups for Team Unity
  • VIDEO 9 - Rewards + Recognition
  • VIDEO 10 - Facilitating Team Pods + Masterminds
  • VIDEO 11 - Leading Builders 1 On 1
  • VIDEO 12 - Tough Talks: Truth in Love
  • VIDEO 13 - Leading Orphans in Your Organization
  • VIDEO 14 - Leading Personally in a Virtual World
  • VIDEO 15 - Success Does Not Satisfy

How to Handle When Someone Quits (Because Some Will!) 

We want to make one thing clear:

There is no secret sauce.

You can review the training titles for each course, and you won’t find one that eliminates hard work from the equation.

But with pure motives, hard work becomes heart work.

And if you genuinely desire to use your network marketing business to put your influence and your income to good use, you’ve come to the right place.


Want to know the difference between noble and normal?

Watch this quick video with NMN Creator, Michelle Myers, for simple swaps you can make to trade what's normal for what's noble TODAY.

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